Making a brand stand out for customers is a real challenge. It affects your sales, your employees happiness, the general impact you will have on your community. And your sanity.

We have seen some of our clients prosper, while others simply did not make the cut. Not because their branding was not good or they did not have the strategy necessary to succeed.

Let’s be real. You can read all the books you want but still be in the same place 2 years later. What will make the difference is actually doing what needs to be done.

People will tell you need strategy, an Instagram account, a shop in your Facebook page, yada-yada-yada. These platforms are helpful indeed, and we use them ourselves, but there is a big difference between having the platforms, a visual identity, the strategy and knowing how to drive results.

There is just one reason why brands fail. The fear of failure itself. People are afraid of acting because somehow they see risks instead of rewards. There is alwaysa reward for your actions, and it just depends how you personally deal with failure.

A well drafted strategy will not function on a broken business mindset and lack of execution. Brands fail when their business owners avoid acting on the strategy itself — or never acquire one in first place. They also fail when the owners fail to learn what is going on in the market locally and globally. It is strategic thinking that makes a difference combined with execution.

Execution comes in many levels. I am not saying that business owners need to sit down and grind on Instagram for 7 hours a day, but it might be the case if they cannot hire someone to do it. Or go and make that deal and collaborate with that company, or go and activate that function on the website that clients are asking for.

Listening, iterating, preparing and executing are always the best bet when growing a business and building brand awareness. There is no shortcut, no easy way.