The best fonts for Logo Design

August 6, 2018

1:11 pm

If you are a Designer and you don’t absolutelly cringe when you see bad type, you need to go back and do some typography studies. I always walk around cities judging every single typography piece I see. Who has never ever sat down on a restaurant and stared 20 minutes at the menu looking at type? Right?

As designers, our jobis to craft for function, and when it comes to typography, it’s to craft for legibility, message and contrast.

But how do you pick good fonts for logo design?

There’s no reason for bad fonts

There are tons and tons of fonts out there that are free to use commercially. The problem with some, not all, is kerning and leading, and vector built. It can really jeopardize your design. Let’s not mention that you need a certain degree of understanding of type to use fonts correctly on your logo designs.

Keep it timeless, keep it simple

The best logos are timeless, simple andinvisible. And some of the best logos are created either with great fonts like Helvetica, or hand-drawn by masters of calligraphy and lettering.

Here’s a list of great fonts for logo design:

They all generate a certain personality to the logo, and you can test them out, change tracking, kerning and play with type, as long as you don’t butcher them 😉 They aren’t terribly expensive and you should have them in your font’s arsenal. I used to have 5000 fonts, now I am basically down a very strict list.

Don’t go for knock-offs (Arial *coff coff*), because they tend to have the same issues as free, badly designed fonts.

I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to drop a comment bellow, which font is your favorite?

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Julia Braga

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