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Hey! We are chaging a few things around here! Thanks for understanding.
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The 3 things your brand needs now

There is an infinity of guides and blogs in the internet for you to learn about Branding. They will ALL talk about the same things. However, there are aspects that have been overlooked which could really help some to define their brand.

It all starts with an idea and seeking the ideal consumer. But when it comes to communicating with the consumer, some businesses fail. There are many reasons to that, but mostly is about not really defining the business well in first place.

There are actionable steps to help starting to define your brand.

What word do you want your brand to own in the consumer’s mind?

Is that word and the proposal unique?

Are you prepared to be consistent through out your business’ lifespan, allowing the vision, mission, values, personality, and the word to be breathed within and without your company?

The word

Pick one main word that you will be focusing on with the marketing efforts. What is the main characteristic of your business that you want to be known for? How are you providing that characteristic through your products or services?

Be aware of your competitors, because you are aiming to be the best, and not second best. You want to stand alone when it comes to your consumer’s minds.

On the other hand… Some businesses own the whole category. Is your brand so you unique it can be used as a synonym? Achieving that might be slightly harder, it cabe scary to niche down, or not always you haven’t been as unique as you thought you’d be as a business. Have you ever taken a Xerox? Or used a Scotch tape? Usually, synonyms come with an invention that disrupts habits and how things are done. This might not be your case if you are planning to launch a brand to take wedding photography of animals (random, right?).

Your brand can only become the one in it’s category by being the first one. That’s the idea of niching down.

Narrow your focus

If you can’t be first, you can be focused. By niching down, you create a sub category that you alone can lead. Becoming the synonym in a category requires your brand to be the one and only. Uniqueness.

The consistency

Being consistent requires discipline. In a business it’s no different. Being consistent with quality, service to others, support, and so on is vital to a good reputation.

Provide value consistently. People notice consistency, and high value without consistency is a waste.

As Sean McCabe always says, people notice consistency, and not announcements. Announcements during your favorite TV show is not fun. Ads on your timeline is probably not fun either, it’s disruptive. People don’t want to pay attention to it.

But what about marketing? How can you be consistent? Whatever form of content you put out, be consistent and always tie the marketing efforts to your one word. That generates the associations between the given context and your brand.

Providing Context

A brand is highly visual, but nothing happens without context. Associations must be made, and therefore, it’s up to you to provide that context that people will need to understand where you come from, who you are and what you are on about.

By choosing the right words, brand name and associations with those is what will give meaning and a place in the consumer’s mind.

Do it right, then you don’t need to do it again. You just build upon it.

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