Who We Are

ESTD 2015

We are a collective of Designers and Strategists that make your brand more awesome.

We don’t have an office. Instead, We work from our desks, beds, sofas, favorite bars, coffee houses, from swimming pools, busses, trains… You get the gist.

We are an open minded, determined group of people who use our collective experience to bring brands to life.

What We Do


We are passionated about creating brands from Strategy to Design, which is perfect for entrepreneurs who are willing to do things differently and stand out.

How We Do It

Honesty and transparency

Being honest with each other and transparent helps us stay at the same page and help each other when needed.  

Open Minded and a Little Weird

We are all weird, and we all accept everyone’s weirdness too.

Stupidly kind and patient

Being kind to others around us helps us build an environment of mutual trust. We recognise everyone’s challenges and we tackle it as a group.


Julia Braga

Founder and Creative Director

Camyla Eslayne

Business and Web Developer


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