Hey! We are chaging a few things around here! Thanks for understanding.
Truu Studio


Truu Studio


Hey! We are chaging a few things around here! Thanks for understanding.
Truu Studio


We create insight driven brand solutions that deliver customer value, raise awareness, and sells more of your products..


Truu Studio is a strategic design consultancy based in Finland, Brazil and Germany. We help brands connect with their ideal clients, easily & beautifully through unified brand strategy, identity and packaging. We produce bespoke identity, web, print and 3D visualizations in a unified strategic process.

We are a collective of Strategists and Designers that doesn’t have an office. We are an open minded, determined group of people who use our collective experience to bring brands to life.

We provide you with strategic solutions that deliver valuable insights and tactics, so that the challenge your business is facing can be overcome and sustained. A steady application as your business evolves is necessary as well, and it’s part of our partnership to think of ways that makes your business irresistible.


The Dream Team

Onwer & Founder

Julia Braga

Born and raised in Brazil, now living in Finland, she is the daughter of two Entrepreneurs. She taught herself how to code and to use Photoshop at 13, creating her first logo at that age too. At the age of 26 she started Truu, after 7 years freelancing as a brand designer and strategist. She also gives other designers business mentorships.

Business Developer

Camyla Eslayne

The Web Developer without a photo

Victor Pagani

Always faithful.

We are strategists at heart, and our focus is to help you bridge the gap between your business and your ideal customers. We value honesty above all else – hence the name of the studio! – and transparency. We aren’t here to create you a logo, but to give you an all around kick ass brand.

We are an open minded and a tad weird group of people, also known to be kind and patient – and faithful.

Truu that.

Truu means “faithful” in Estonian, a tiny little country near Finland, where our founder is based. The funny thing is, we came up with that name by accident.
Julia was pacing around her home, while her significant other was reading on his tablet, talking about the ethos of the brand and what it meant for other people to be involved, and whatever she said made him go “that’s truu!” in the most Finnish-like accent one could imagine. The surprise on his face when she screamed “Shut up! You are a genius!” was totally worth it. You can still read “truu” as “true” and get it 😉

Digital or physical, the result is impact.

Whether you have an established online business or a brick and mortar, we understand the impact that mediums have in your sales process. We help you leverage your business assets so they can shine on their own media. Oh, we facilitate bringing your “offline” business to the online world, too.

It's personal.

It’s not just about the business acumen. We believe in creating bespoke solutions that fit our clients’ best interests – but more importantly, their clients’ best interests. If you follow us on social media, you know we get personal, reply to your messages and encourage you to be in touch. We believe in the relationship before we even engage in your project, so we have better mutual understanding and a fruitful collaboration.

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The future is in the hands of the daring.

We work primarily with businesses and entrepreneurs that are already established, however, with the right fit and scope, we will help your start up come to life.

  1. retail businesses
  2. packaged goods (food, cosmetics or otherwise)
  3. online businesses
  4. online entrepreneurs

Strategy Workshops

It all starts with the discovery of what is holding your business back, and developing tactics and insights to solve the problem.

  • Discovery sessions with your team(s) / youS
  • Market Research
  • Naming Research
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Stylescapes
  • KPI trackers

Creative output

This is where all the visual magic happens. We create your brand’s new identity, packaging, web site, social media content, fonts, stationery and more.

  • Brand Identity Systems
  • Custom fonts
  • Packaging
  • 3D Visualisations
  • Web and Interfaces
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Motion
  • Print & Stationery

photography and launch

Want us to come over and photograph your brand? No problem. We can travel to your location and photograph your products in action or in a studio setting, as well as your team. We can also facilitate your brand’s launch according to the strategy.

  • Pre, Post and Launch Strategies
  • Email Blasts
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Brand Photography

Whenever you are ready.

Let’s get together first, and come up with bright ideas for your business. Schedule your free 30m call with us.

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