M5 warm filter for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop


Probably our most required look and filter! We have created the IG filter pack everyone loves. This classy warm filter is perfect for lifestyle blogs, influencers, travel blogs or anyone with a warm brand aesthetics. The filter does not eliminate blue tones or green tones completely, it just adds a warm and welcoming glow.

– 5 .XMP files for Desktop use
– 5 .DNG files for Mobile use
– Installation Guide
– License

– Lightroom CC Classic
– Lightroom Mobile (.DNG files)
– Photoshop CC 2019

You can also apply this filter on videos using desktop Lightroom. Import the XMP and on the library tab, under quick develop on the left, you can apply your choice under “treatment”. After that, you can just export it by right clicking on the file.

You can download this preset pack 10 times with your license. For additional licenses please contact us!

We have not tested with lower versions and other programs, so let us know and we’ll add to the list!

File size: 18.3 MB | Format: .ZIP (compressed), .XMP, .DNG, .PDF (decompressed)

Ensure always that your white balance is neutral! We also recommend tweaking the light afterwards. Works best on RAW images.



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M5 warm filter for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop