Hey! We are chaging a few things around here! Thanks for understanding.
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Hey! We are chaging a few things around here! Thanks for understanding.
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The four phase strategic branding process

At Truu, we take your brand very seriously. Our process may be split in two: Strategy and Design, but it’s really four phases that merge and create a singular workflow. Our attention to your business start with a through research and data collection. We scrape the internet, we visit your locations, we talk to your customers.

It’s important for us to get immersed so that we can fully understand the impact you currently have and how the customers interact with your brand, understand your process.

Capturing your brand is more than just creating beautiful graphics, we need to understand and help your customers along every single step of the consumer’s journey – without leaving too much for interpretation.

Analytical &

Tactical Phases



In order to keep your brand relevant, we start all our projects with Research and Discovery. This may include a set of different activities depending on the nature of your business. We will map out your market, competitors and your ideal audience and their responses to your current brand.



All our projects go through a strategy phase. This allows us to make smarter decisions and you give you a blueprint for the future. In order to better speak to your audience, your brand needs to be well positioned and have a strong story. We will develop your brand messaging and understand how to bridge the gap between you and your ideal client.


Design & Development

We build brands that inspire and bring people together, captivate and last. All our projects are backed by strategy. Our set of design skills will give your business a unified look and feel, so that your clients can be captivated. Our skills range from branding, to web and development, to motion and even 3D design.


Launch & Monitoring

All our projects go through a strategy phase. This allows us to make smarter decisions and you give you a blueprint for the future. In order to better speak to your audience, your brand needs to be well positioned and have a strong story. We will develop your brand messaging and understand how to bridge the gap between you and your ideal client.

Creative &
Assessment Phases

How it works

Look at the overview of the whole process. Each step number bellow represent a milestone of our engagement.


First Meeting

Our first meeting will help us figure out how we can collaborate together, what your needs are and the appropriate timeline.


Proposal, Contract & Onboarding

We will draft you a proposal with the brief, the scope of work, the timeline and any additional information you need to know during the process. The contract will outline our engagement terms. Once everything’s ok, we will onboard you in the process so you can follow the progress and respond to the prompts.


Gathering information

The best way to serve your cause it to fully understand the context of your business. In order to familiarize ourselves, we will do what’s necessary in our research in order to accomplish the best results. This often requires us flying to your physical location (if applicable) in order to meet your key stakeholders, customers and observe. Regular qualitative and quantitative researches are also put in place.


Strategy & Positioning

After we have gathered the data, we can proceed to analyze it and create tactical decisions. The strategy is a vital part of the creative process and it is where the real “brief” lies: it sets us up to work your brand within it’s context. Think of a purple cow on a field of browns. Here, we also determine the tone of communication with your ideal audience, who they are, what they expect, what are the best channels to reach them, what touchpoints, which KPIs to track and how to track them etc.



Stylescapes are moodboards on steroids. They help us set the visual and general mood for your brand. We put together 3 iterations in order to give you a general view. You choose which one we proceed with. Stylescapes include: a logo, a typography system, an image and tone of voice system, a colour palette etc.



Following the stylescapes, we proceed to finalise your brand output. We create variations for the logo, alternative palettes and test the concept using mockups and other visualisations.


Packaging, 3D and Motion, Print & Web

Once the brand has been wrapped up. we can proceed to work on touchpoints for your brand, which are determined in the Strategy phase. Mind you, not all of the steps at this phase apply to every brand. We work with your packaging, including labels, tags, whether or not you have a die line; we also develop print, such as business cards, flyers, brochures. We use 3D visualisations of your packaging to emulate it pre-production. We will also develop your website in that stage.


Final Payments & Digital Asset Delivery

We will deliver your digital assets once the final payment has been made per terms. But we aren’t done just done yet…



Launch Engagement Plan

Need help launching your brand? Putting everything together in the real world after receiving it can be a real daunting task, making sure everything is running the way it should be etc. We make your life easier if you’d like us to be part of the next 6 to 12 months of your brand by offering the Launch Engagement Plan, which makes you a “business partner” of sorts. Helping you track your KPIs, adjust your offering. We are like the branding police!


Retainers & Maintenance

Websites and social media require constant maintenance and assistance. If you need us to extend the creation of graphics for a determined amount for every month, for example, we may put a retainer in place for you. Need help updating your website and keeping it safe? No worries, we will do it for you too.

Video Producer

Antti Kangasaho

“Working with Truu was a breeze from the start. With some background information of me they easily grasped what my brand would be about. They know their stuff and I really appreciated that they are not afraid to ask you the hard questions and seamlessly make you think about your brand and develop yourself while working with them.”


Caio Bottura

“Truu was extremely professional with their work, Julia helped me understand what is branding and what type of identity would be the most appropriate for me and my image. They gave many suggestions and was fairly quick to present the final product, I couldn’t recommend them more.”



Most frequent questions and answers

All you need to do is contact us here. Include important information about you and your business! The more you add before hand, the most we make on our first meeting.

After you sign up, you will be prompted by email to pick a day and a time to have a 30m call with us, so we can further investigate what you need and to find out if we are a good fit! Make sure you are aware of the timezone settings.

In our experience, companies always need different frameworks and approaches in order to be successful. Our biggest selling point is creating something that will be bespoke – exclusive – to your company. We’ll structure the pricing with you.

Not without going through the strategy, no. We focus on creating wholesome brands, not bits and pieces.

We believe in delivering unparalleled value for your market, on a much more bespoke process than freelancers and agencies offer. We create the process from the start.

We work with any business who want to make a difference. Actually, small businesses are the ones with the most opportunities and threats, at the same time, because of competition. We can offer special payment terms for small businesses and solopreneurs who want something awesome for their brands and clients.

The bigger and older, the more careful and through we have to be on the phase 1 of the process (gathering data and strategy), because your stakes are higher.

For corporations, the process can take from 6 months to 12 months, for smaller businesses anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.

Your timeline will be included in your proposal.

Our aim is to close the gap between your business and your ideal customers, by understanding the ecosystem around your firm.

Studies have shown that businesses that never had design as a central force in their business increased their sales up to 262%. The numbers differ from industry to industry, but the impact is definitely there.

No, because laws differ for trademarks and other registrations around the world, and thus we advise you contact an IP lawyer in your country and areas of businesses.

Any chance water becomes less wet?

Digitally, using Mega or WeTransfer. However, if you’d like the USB stick with files, or printed versions of your brand guidelines, for example, we may discuss that in the beginning of the project and include all costs in your proposal.

Our calls are all scheduled and are exclusive to prospects. You can message us on our Facebook page or Instagram if you have question unrelated to work.

For media, press, interviews etc, shoot us a mail to press(at)truustudio.com.

Absolutely! Our founder is the mind behind that. Please go to her website to get more information about it.

Whenever you are ready.

Let’s get together first, and come up with bright ideas for your business. Schedule your free 30m call with us.

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