Ton Sur Ton Casa & Ela

Ton Sur Ton Casa & Ela is a Brazilian retail shop focused on arts & decorations on their Casa department, as well as jewelry on their Ela department.
  • CLient
    Ton Sur Ton
  • Year
  • Industry
    Retail - decoration / jewelry
  • Scope
    Strategy, branding, web, print, packaging
The company has been almost 40 years in the market, and the challenge here was to transition such an old and known business that has never gone through a rebrand. People are naturally averted to change, and therefore our first priority was to get the internal process right in order to make a more drastic change.
The solution was to make a two step rebrand, which starts with an identity that is similar to the old one but not yet ideal to where the business wants to go with the change.
The identity started being very similar to the old one, which already caused some commotion with the clients, who were noted that hey, we have even bigger and great changes coming along the way! That approach helps bridge the gap between the aversion that comes with such a “classic” local business.
The colors on the final identity are much more muted, which gives an air of modernization and reinvigorates the classic but still modern mindset and ethos.
The next step for this business is to modernize their internal processes, such as streamlining and updating their inventory softwares.
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