Those Who Knit

Those Who Knit is an online shop focused on creating bespoke, high quality knit products.
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    Those Who Knit / Concept
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  • Industry
    eCommerce - Homemade clothing - knit products
  • Scope
    Strategy, branding, web
The biggest challenge with the whole project was to bridge the gap between custom made work and inquiries, while keeping the process simple and hassle free for both parts. The identity needed to be soft, feminine and very light, while making a distinct, easy to use shop that will serve as the major touchpoint for clients.
The solution was to keep the identity simple, so that we could adapt the process and give the audience the options they need in order to make their request, find the right materials, care guides, etc.
The logo has variations that support a dynamic web presence, allowing for the company to create assets and touchpoints that will serve in both the print world and the digital world seamlessly, with a strong but still soft color palette.
The identity contains space for customization, which is the core of Those Who Knit: the possibility to customize thank you cards, slip ins and the labels.
The focus of the brand is on the customization process to deliver high quality products, that the customer will want to use forever. It revolves around every step of the process, whether it is choosing from the available knitting patterns, materials, colours –– or rather, “hunting” for the ideal ones –– or the care slip, the packaging and the little addons that will give the projects a personal touch.
When deciding the values for the company, we had to go down the buyer’s journey, and identify the key doubts and resistances, and create a messaging that revolved and included the antagonistic feelings. For example, “Will this fit me?”, or “How will they know if they can find the right materials?” and so on. Identifying the resistances was key to creating every single detail that went into this brand.