How Hotjar help us improve our website

September 3, 2018

5:14 am

User experience is something that web designers and event planners focus on to create functional and interesting situations for people to engage with.

How is the layout performing? What about the content order? Button placements? Colours, typography, page load times (in the case of web design).

Hotjar is the lead tool for designers and developers to asses their web design work. For growth driven design, a tool like this is like having a new pair of glasses (half blind person here!) And no, we are NOT sponsored by Hotjar. We are just amazed at how it has helped us improve this website.

We designers can do so much at the beginning of a project to understand user interaction with the content we create. But most of it, it’s just what we find cool and innovative, but it doesn’t mean users will interact the same way.

User centric, growth driven design allow us to look into REAL users. The maxim for growth driven design (GDD) is to launch a website that has the most basic functions and add on slowly to towards the full-fledged feature range, always watching how users interact with the page.

Sometimes people ask me…. why is your page always changing? And my reply is: it’s not always changing, we are always testing and improving things all the time because we want to make and maintain the experience relevant for our users. We are watching and listening to you. Seeing what it is working and what is making you confused.

Hotjar has a nifty feature that shows how much users scroll and click on your page (called heatmaps), so that you can optimise how you organise your content. It also anonymously (that’s the keyword) record the visits on your page, so that you can see if any elements are catching more attention than others, if people are getting confused, if there are elements that are on the way or not working properly and so on.

Website design is not a one time job. It requires constant optimisation and attention, so that you can be always on top of your game.

An anonymous user from UK who's accessed our website from their mobile phone.
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Julia Braga
Julia Braga

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