How does a Visual Identity add value to my brand?

August 4, 2018

1:01 pm

After too many cups of coffee trying to figure out what’s your ideal next step with your brand is frustrating and tiring. You’d rather go off with just a “simple” logo or something like that, but you don’t really know what it means to have a visual identity or where to start. A Visual Identity is an asset, not a temporary fix. A logo can’t be successful without a concise and well thought out environment for it, like the typography, the colour palettes and so on. An identity is a part of a system that allows your business to be more valuable and also profitable. That’s because it directly affects your marketing. Going with the quick fix of just creating a logo might work in the short term. In the long term, however, a visual identity will create a much more solid image and perception for your business. If your business has been around for a while and you’ve never done a rebrand, it normally signifies that your branding and positioning are not evolving or you’ve never really put any thought into it. The visual identity is part of the branding that helps your marketing efforts.

A visual identity provides added value directly by boosting sales

Value is typically sought in different ways by a company. However, with a Visual Identity, you create an image that supports your branding, and entices your customers visually to buy. It is also designed to set you apart in your market. The aesthetic part of your brand will allow it to resonate with a specific target audience. It’s important to notice that it’s an added value. This means that your products and services alsoneed to be great. The quality of your products and services will invariably reflect on your brand image, because it will create perception through awareness. However, you can positively affect the initial impression by supporting your offer visually in an appealing way.

A visual identity provides added value indirectly by raising awareness

Awareness means to be acknowledge a fact of a given object, individual, or situation. Self-awareness means that you are able to see yourself as you are, knowing your flaws and strengths and acknowledging them. Brand awareness means how your firm, products and services are received in the market. How are you known? What are you known for? How are you perceived by the market? A visual identity will then compile the aspects of your brand in order to create great packing and a logo (boost sales through quality and details), for example. It’s about the physical aspects, colours, textures, words and even smells. And visual identity will help you market your brand by the raising awareness of your product or service for a certain target group (marketing efforts). By using repetition of certain aspects, people can easily create a connection between aspect and your brand, product or service.
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Julia Braga
Julia Braga

Founder of TRUU, she is a technology lover. She did her first logo when she was 13, and never looked back. Loves music, photography, horses and video games. She is also known as The Branding Girl and has an Youtube Channel. She's the person who's gonna walk you through your project!

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