How branding helps you connect with your tribe

A pair of leggings is just a pair of leggings.

But what’s behind those leggings that have people absolutely raving about?

It’s probably the tribe.

What’s a tribe?

“We want to belong not to just one tribe, it turns out, but to many. And if you give us tools to make it easy, we’ll keep joining.” — Seth Godin, on the book “Tribes”

Tribe is a group of people who share the same interest and have a way to communicate with each other. A Facebook group about cats? Tribe. Instagram branded hashtags? Tribes.

But a tribe needs leaders.

Brands as tribe leaders

A group of people who share the same interest and get perks while having fun and doing what they love? That’s a tribe with a brand as a leader.

Businesses can get their audience together and build a tribe that strives together by creating a communication platform. That will generate attention, which is the single most undervalued trade for a business. When your people have your attention, you are winning.

Businesses can generate value by connecting their brand values with the values that their tribe also share, promote communication and giving them things they want. A sponsorship, a t shirt, a hashtag. Anything that makes an individual or a group of individuals feel like them belong.

An example of a tribe that strive

Good Mythical Morning (GMM)

Rhett and Like are long time friends and YouTubers who will make your mornings more interesting or making you want to puke (depends on the episode).

“The Wheel of Mythicality” is a wheel they spin at the end of an episode, which lands on something like a charity, or “Gifticality”, where the audience is invited to help with any amount as they themselves donate $1000 (don’t quote me on the sum). Or when it lands on merchandise, “Merchicality”, where a random fan who participates gets a shirt, or any other merch item. A hashtag, that the “Mythical Beasts” are invited to use together to make it theirs. The list goes on, in addition to always showing a fan video asking for the wheel to be spinned.

The point is, everybody is there for the comedy and they are invited to participate in one way or another.

How tribes work

Reward. Attention. Consistency.

Those are the keywords for a successful tribe. So you have a group of people, now what? How do you keep them there.


Whether you have a Youtube Channel like GMM, a Facebook Group or a Slack channel, you have to think of rewards. What are you giving away, other than usual knowledge that will make people stay? Which takes us to the next.


People crave attention. They want to belong. GMM understands that with the videos of people asking to spin the wheel. They put their “Mythical Beasts” videos as a reward for loyalty.

They also want to have their voices heard, so interaction is important.


Every single episode of GMM has a video of a fan at the end and the wheel always lands on something interesting.

Maybe you will make the first Wednesday of every month a giveaway day, or every week you have a new challenge that people can post their photos under the challenge hashtag. Which goes back to our attention and reward keywords.

We can’t help it

Humans need to belong. The internet is a means to an end, but the center of your brand is your people, and that is why tribes work — because they are, well, people, right?

Beliefs are a strategy. Your brand ethos is a strong strategy for your tribe. Use it. Unite your people.

How are you willing to build your tribe? Share your ideas bellow!

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