Last month I had the pleasure of writing for HolaBrief, an amazing tool designed to help creatives get the most out of their Briefing process. In this post, you will get a first hand preview of our pricing and discovery process.

Designers and studio owners REJOICE! We finally have a briefing system that is visual, modular and customisable. We have gone through our process with HolaBrief in hands. During the years, we have accumulated a bunch of questions that help us get to the bottom of the real problem we are facing. The first step of the engagement with a prospect is to find out what is their real issue (let’s be fair, they rarely need what they say they need). In order to set up a proposal and a pricing, we have a talk with the prospect — and it is this talk we will cover here.

  1. Discovering your value to the project
  2. Finding out about the business
  3. Let’s talk goals
  4. Competition is great, but positioning is even better
    1. Direct competitors
    2. Indirect competitors
  5. Personas
  6. Brand Voice (and image)
    1. Using the comments area to write down THE WORD
  7. Inspiring brands and questions
  8. Conclusion

If you are familiar with Value Based Pricing, you know that questions like “What does this project mean to your company?” are common. There are a few sections of HolaBrief that can help us get started… and remember, NO one said you had to follow the order that is given to you by the tool! Whether or not you will be pricing on value, these questions can still be relevant to guiding your prospect and finding out whether you are a good fit for each other…

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