The 3 things your brand needs now

There is an infinity of guides and blogs in the internet for you to learn about Branding. They will ALL talk about the same things. However, there are aspects that have been overlooked which could really help some to define their brand. It all starts with an idea and seeking the ideal consumer. But when […]

How to figure out who is the ideal client for your (online) business

No, you are not selling for everyone. Sorry to tell you that. When you sell to everybody, you are in fact, selling to no one. You can’t speak to a singer the same way you speak to a CMO. When you choose how to speak to your ideal audience, you catch their attention.When you catch […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In 3d for your marketing

Good news! 3D is no longer a thing for big productions. There are a lot of independent 3D artists and studios (like us!) that use 3d out there. The technology has advanced to the point that anyone with a basic computer set up can learn modelling, whether it is for independent use or production purposes.