What we do

We help businesses bridge the gap with their customers by creating actionable and effective strategies, minimalistic and beautiful brands, and unique 3D visualisations.


We work with businesses from all over the world to help them clarity in their mission and purpose and find their image and voice. Our work consists of research and facilitation to help them bridge the gap between business goals and their customer’s hearts. Whether they are new to an industry or just evolving, all we look for is a will to make a difference in the world.

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We build brands that inspire and bring people together, captivate and last. We believe that branding is the best tool you have to better communicate with your customer and serve them better.

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3D Visualisations

3D visualisations are a versatile way to present your brand prior to production, for social media or for marketing and ads. Proof of concept, we help you visualise and test your products and prototypes in a modern and interesting way.

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Web Design and Interfaces

We create sites that help connect users with their favourite brands with intuitive, beautiful, unique and pixel perfect designs. Users are engaged and delighted no matter what device they access it from.

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Retainers and Maintenance

We know how hard it is to keep up with the digital world. We offer retainers to help you manage your business better, while still being consistent with your business’ brand, values and mission.

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What clients say

Caio Bottura

“Truu was extremely professional with their work, Julia helped me understand what is branding and what type of logo would be the most appropriate for me and my image. They gave many suggestions and was fairly quick to present the final product, I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Kevin Chown

“Truu is totally cool to work with. They are creative, together with details and offer great ideas when you can’t think of any yourself. The logo Julia did for me for my website was perfect the first time she sent it over to me. Highly recommend working with them.​”

Elise Smit

“Really professional work! Truu didn’t just make my logo. They helped me work out what I want for my company, how I want to be seen, and how to translate that into an image. Julia truly invests in getting the very best results. I couldn’t be happier with their work and all the advice and support they’ve given me.”


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