5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In 3d for your marketing

July 27, 2018

10:40 am

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In 3d for your marketing

Good news! 3D is no longer a thing for big productions. There are a lot of independent 3D artists and studios (like us!) that use 3d out there.

The technology has advanced to the point that anyone with a basic computer set up can learn modelling, whether it is for independent use or production purposes.

This is great for businesses! Imagine having all that power in your hands to use on your marketing? It is indeed a reality, and in fact, we use 3D renderings often to present our work. It allows for realism and an infinite amount of possible.

But how can 3D graphics help you boost sales? In a nutshell, it allows you to showcase the attributes and benefits of your product in ways that wouldn’t be possible or at least be impractical with traditional video or photography in certain cases. As in every marketing campaign, that has an emotional value to your customers.

1 – 3D animations and renderings are great for ads

Ads should be designed to showcase the attributes and advantages of your product in a way that appeals to your consumer.

2 – Presents your product in more ways than you could imagine

The costs of hiring a location, team and props, transportation and editing may not always be advantageous. Sometimes, it’s most and time effective to have your products rendered in a scene.

For example, Ikea is known for preferring 3D renderings of rooms to showcase their products. The more products you want to showcase, the bigger the project.

Let’s let the works speak by themselves.

#AirMaxDay for @Nike — Full project on MvsM.com

A post shared by Man vs Machine (@man.vs.machine) on

3 – Online store presentation

Having your products modelled and rendered can be a great way to sell on your online shop! Even the simplest of the Content Management Systems (like WordPress) allow you to upload 3D files (normally a .obj or .fbx) so that users can rotate the product.

The interactivity enhances the user experience, which then builds brand awareness.

4 – It’s Emotional

Because 3D can be highly controllable, you can really craft an unique experience that brings aw and enjoyment to your audience.

Making your customers see how life’s like when they are in touch with your product or to entice them with how delicious your food is can have a total different approach when 3D is used.

5 – Pimp your branding

Yes, you can totally have a website that is clean and product oriented like Apple’s. Or a visually striking website like Nike’s.

You just need the right amount of 3d combined with great brand photography and a killer webdesign 🙂

Now, it is crucial that 3D projects aren’t rushed. That’s because you will want the Designer to pay attention and work on details.

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