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Make it simply significant.

We help you stand out with a minimal bespoke brand for your business. Oh, and we make killer 3D stuff too.

Truu Studio is a strategic design consultancy based in Finland, Brazil and Germany. We help multiple figure businesses create a more meaningful connection with their ideal clients, easily, tactically and beautifully. We produce bespoke identity, web, print and 3D visualizations in a unified strategic framework.

Owner & Founder

My name is Julia, I’m a 27 year old Brazilian-Italian living in Finland. I am the daughter of two entrepreneurs, co owner of a retail store and founder of Truu Studio. I have a passion for Design and a knack for Business, so I thought: Why not unite the best of the both worlds?

The four step strategic bespoke process

We help you connect with your ideal clients and employees with more than just good looking Design assets. No matter how pretty your Design maybe, there’s more to a business’ culture than a pretty brand. People, whether they are working for your business or buying from it, want to feel like they belong. Design is, then, an answer to a deeper strategic question, and the secret to a higher turn over and the variable of success.

Analytical & Tactical Phases






Design & Development


Launching & Monitoring

Creative & Assessment Phases

Video Producer

Antti Kangasaho

“Working with Truu was a breeze from the start. With some background information of me they easily grasped what my brand would be about. They know their stuff and I really appreciated that they are not afraid to ask you the hard questions and seamlessly make you think about your brand and develop yourself while working with them.”

Get a killer brand now

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  • About your Business

    We need some information about your industry and what you do! We appreciate clients who are upfront and detailed about their perceived needs, it saves us all time.
  • Please, let us know what industry and niche you are working with ie.: interior design studio for small apartments, steakhouse in the Australian style
  • We get it, you want a pretty logo. But we are a strategy first design studio, so we want to help you build good brands, not just look pretty 🙂 Be through.
  • Tell us a little bit how you started out!